Cheap fare

Frozen countryside .. motionless horses cold in rugs.. Clegg on train to Leeds fails to warm spyche’s spirits .. what an entourage – though nice to see he’s travelling economy or what heavies call standard. ‘Didn’t produce his ticket, though’ observes passenger. One of ‘ten-strong’ entourage must have..surely.


A dozen soft-shoed policemen, young, like anyone’s child, gather at 640am; two, a bit older in blue fatigues, shards of silver in short haircuts, carry battering ram, riot shield, fire extinguisher and pole with noose for holding off dangerous dogs ..voices whisper.. one-who-does-nothing gives smile of authority..and off they go on wake up call … ‘doing the Lambeth Walk’ – hey!

Bread and water

‘It’s an Olympics corrupted by commercialism, gagging contracts and security restrictions,’ 1972 Olympian tells spyche. ‘An open prison where Heineken, Coca Cola and
McDonalds are like bread and water’.
Zebedee and spyche drink rose, YoYo and SweetBean go south, Settings goes north and Juggler hears music.. Washington mops up air miles

Long live nonsense

Green bottles beginning to slip: Bank of England, HSBC, G4S; and now It’s ‘news’ that cross-generational patterns of parenting exist ..wise up, world, we spyches are well on to that. BBC Today programme asks if it should abandon racing tips – and conform to some new norm? surely not .. long live nonsense!