They died together

He was 26 and at the end of his second tour. He talked about the marvels of watching the sunrise and light in the dark sky, of flying above woolly clouds, and recognizing his home station on the green earth below…

Ralph could have baled out with his crew but he didn’t, even though he was unhurt. Bob and he went down to their deaths together, and are buried in the same plot in the cemetery at …

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Ho hum

‘The place is empty’ reports man-of-the-turf, blaming high ticket prices for Royal Enclosure and no match made between Frankel and Black Caviar ..’It’s a fix,’ says Lowlife, ‘ running the best in the world in different races means solid firsts for both – that way both keep unbeaten records ‘ and value .. ho hum

Country life

Wild Caviare and spyche eat t-bone in Fens; now new colt plan for Derby .. will he be ’50 shades of grey’,? or, with his owner, agent and trainer ‘three graces and a bachelor’? Beautiful herons die because they grow up to eat fish; deer invited to gathering are shot for pot – and hens lay eggs fresher than Waitrose…it’s a country life; spyche chunters.