Thank you Sigmund

News room culture? traditionally public humiliation, man-on-man ( remember David English?) Now mediocre politicians enviously attack The Daddy Murdoch, whose scheming ‘sons’ are exposed as ambitious, envious weasels.. animated primal
horde ( thank you, Sigmund) .. Keep reading the books and the runes, Lord L


What a week in spyche’s world – UK broadcasting ‘gets’ the unconscious on radio and television. Horizon evidences Jung’s concept of the collective (unx) by wiring up ants but, best of all, lying on the One to One bar at Apple is Jungian Analysis (ed Murray Stein). Rock on! we unwired ants are on the move

You or me?

Foto and I sniff out truth over a latte … what is it that haunts the memory, lingers like music on the breeze? sweetness of the skin – individual, unrepeatable …did we lose for love?.. the scent of memory had a body.. Foto couldn’t capture it, ‘.. must be Mum’ ( hat’s off andre green) .. we laughed – truth was it was an other, whatever..