Cheap fare

Frozen countryside .. motionless horses cold in rugs.. Clegg on train to Leeds fails to warm spyche’s spirits .. what an entourage – though nice to see he’s travelling economy or what heavies call standard. ‘Didn’t produce his ticket, though’ observes passenger. One of ‘ten-strong’ entourage must have..surely.

Long live nonsense

Green bottles beginning to slip: Bank of England, HSBC, G4S; and now It’s ‘news’ that cross-generational patterns of parenting exist ..wise up, world, we spyches are well on to that. BBC Today programme asks if it should abandon racing tips – and conform to some new norm? surely not .. long live nonsense!

Ho hum

‘The place is empty’ reports man-of-the-turf, blaming high ticket prices for Royal Enclosure and no match made between Frankel and Black Caviar ..’It’s a fix,’ says Lowlife, ‘ running the best in the world in different races means solid firsts for both – that way both keep unbeaten records ‘ and value .. ho hum

Country life

Wild Caviare and spyche eat t-bone in Fens; now new colt plan for Derby .. will he be ’50 shades of grey’,? or, with his owner, agent and trainer ‘three graces and a bachelor’? Beautiful herons die because they grow up to eat fish; deer invited to gathering are shot for pot – and hens lay eggs fresher than Waitrose…it’s a country life; spyche chunters.